How Anime is Making Me Stronger

Everyone’s heard of One Punch Man, most who’ve seen it end up loving it, and some go as far to say it saved anime. I recently rewatched the series in its entirety with my roommate, who had never witnessed the heroic slice of life story, and drew a lot of inspiration from it. Personally, I’ve never been that strong, but always aspired to be. Genetics and the lack of a fitness routine seemed to support me staying small. But Saitama had inspired me to change that. One Punch Man’s killer routine was, and continues to be my mission, with each set of 100 situps, pushups, and squats, as well as all 10 kilometers I have to run each day. Let me just say it right now, it’s killer.

Additionally, before advancing to how I’m feeling right now (spoiler: I’m sore and apathetic) I’d also like to acknowledge my other anime inspiration: My Hero Academia. The main character Deku is relatable in his plight for the first few episodes, he wants to be great, yet he’s physically incapable. I’m not trying to get to the extent of One for All here, but the transformation that Deku underwent in physical stature so early in the series made me think “This is possible. I can do this.”

The routine, as I said, is a real challenge. I’ve already gone ahead and modified a key point, because no way am I going all summer in the 100+ degree heat on some days without fans or A/C, as well as the winters that get to be under 0 degrees F, I need my heat. Going on from here, the actual task is simple and requires no gym membership, no exercise equipment, and no money spent. Just determination and a quality pair of shoes.

The first day sucked. It was utter pain to do the situps, especially in a 0-100 set, and I couldn’t even do 15 pushups in a row. I carried on and tried my best to break them up before my run, which was again, pure agony. I stopped running every kilometer or so, and ended up only running a good 3/5 km of the whole trip.

As the next few days went by, I got a little bit better at doing the exercises, currently, at ten days into it, I’m into a routine of two sets of 25 for each exercise, then doing the run, which I’ve finally attempted to raise to the full 10km. Then, after I’m home, I finish up and shower. The soreness is what’s really getting to me, it’s kicking me harder that I possibly anticipated, and I’ve yet to feel better in the mornings instead of an immobile lump of pain. I push through it though, and hopefully progress is in the near future.

So here’s to getting fit this summer, and hopefully beyond that.