Getting started with Rust FFI

Rust is a fantastic systems level programming language known for it’s memory safety and painless concurrency. But as a relatively new language it can sometimes lack mature libraries for various tasks. One common way to solve that is to use Foreign-Function-Interfaces (FFI) to call code from another language, usually C. This lets us leverage the […]

Piracy ➡ Streaming

How Piracy in the 2000s caused Netflix and Spotify This is a copy of an essay wrote for the IT & Society course I am taking at RPI. The early 2000s were a strange and wondrous time for the internet. The Dot-Com boom had come and gone leaving a wake of uncertainty for the once […]

Adventures in Vue and GraphQL

For better or worse I have a background in web development. I have worked heavily in every version of Angular, know the ins and outs of yarn and npm, am well versed in the HTML/CSS/JS trinity, etc. And until now I can’t rightfully say that I truly enjoy webdev. Sure the feedback loop of code […]

DevFest Talk

Last Saturday I had the honor of giving at talk at the GDG DevFest Capitol Region with Jason Kuruzovich about the project we have been working on for several months: Carme. OK that was a lot of links all at once. If you want to learn more about Carme itself I suggest you read more […]

Knowhere Cafe Forums

For a long time now I have had this idea bouncing around for a website that I wanted to make from scratch. It had all these certain features, but not these other features and I had it all planned out. I had even made a version of it years ago that I called Faker. Some […]