Artstyle Over Time

This was originally a post over on Knowhere Cafe I made that I decided to post here too. Something I really like is seeing the progression of the artstyle of manga artists. While I like artstyle progression in general, I think manga is special in this regard because it is the same artist drawing usually […]

Anime Summer & Fall 2018

This is a copy-paste of a forum post I wrote on Knowhere.Cafe which you can click here to view. Another season, another 3 months of my life wasted on weebshit…Oh well that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon as I am looking forward to next season already! I figured I would just give a […]

Hidden Gems of Anime

With all the anime there is out there it can be hard to find new things to watch, and over time I have had to dig deeper and deeper to find things that I think I will like. And every now and again I stumble upon something that I think is really special, but that […]

How Anime is Making Me Stronger

Everyone’s heard of One Punch Man, most who’ve seen it end up loving it, and some go as far to say it saved anime. I recently rewatched the series in its entirety with my roommate, who had never witnessed the heroic slice of life story, and drew a lot of inspiration from it. Personally, I’ve […]

Winter 2018 Anime

Winter 2018 was a good seasons overall with some big names, and a lot of nice smaller ones. A lot of people are calling it the “season of comf” and it is hard to argue with that. But here are my thoughts on what I watched this season.\n Violet Evergarden AnicardA visual marvel that shows […]