Getting started with Rust FFI

Rust is a fantastic systems level programming language known for it’s memory safety and painless concurrency. But as a relatively new language it can sometimes lack mature libraries for various tasks. One common way to solve that is to use Foreign-Function-Interfaces (FFI) to call code from another language, usually C. This lets us leverage the […]

Piracy ➡ Streaming

How Piracy in the 2000s caused Netflix and Spotify This is a copy of an essay wrote for the IT & Society course I am taking at RPI. The early 2000s were a strange and wondrous time for the internet. The Dot-Com boom had come and gone leaving a wake of uncertainty for the once […]

Artstyle Over Time

This was originally a post over on Knowhere Cafe I made that I decided to post here too. Something I really like is seeing the progression of the artstyle of manga artists. While I like artstyle progression in general, I think manga is special in this regard because it is the same artist drawing usually […]

Two Years of

So the second anniversary of this domain is upon us. Another year and another renewal fee. This site has gone through many iterations, changes and overhauls over the last two years and I even have more planned. So the future is bright and all that 😀 And with the anniversary comes a realization: I have […]

Adventures in Vue and GraphQL

For better or worse I have a background in web development. I have worked heavily in every version of Angular, know the ins and outs of yarn and npm, am well versed in the HTML/CSS/JS trinity, etc. And until now I can’t rightfully say that I truly enjoy webdev. Sure the feedback loop of code […]

DevFest Talk

Last Saturday I had the honor of giving at talk at the GDG DevFest Capitol Region with Jason Kuruzovich about the project we have been working on for several months: Carme. OK that was a lot of links all at once. If you want to learn more about Carme itself I suggest you read more […]

Album Review: Gunship – Dark All Day

This morning, my Spotify recommended me a new album from an artist that’s known as almost a household name. (That is, if your house is full of 80’s style Synthwave fanatics). Gunship recently released their new album entitled Dark All Day, and I have to say, it thoroughly surprised me, but not to any fantastic […]

Anime Summer & Fall 2018

This is a copy-paste of a forum post I wrote on Knowhere.Cafe which you can click here to view. Another season, another 3 months of my life wasted on weebshit…Oh well that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon as I am looking forward to next season already! I figured I would just give a […]

Knowhere Cafe Forums

For a long time now I have had this idea bouncing around for a website that I wanted to make from scratch. It had all these certain features, but not these other features and I had it all planned out. I had even made a version of it years ago that I called Faker. Some […]