Album Review: Gunship – Dark All Day

This morning, my Spotify recommended me a new album from an artist that’s known as almost a household name. (That is, if your house is full of 80’s style Synthwave fanatics). Gunship recently released their new album entitled Dark All Day, and I have to say, it thoroughly surprised me, but not to any fantastic extent.

Gunship is by no means a favorite, and I was expecting run-of-the-mill synthwave tracks off this one. The first song ‘Woken Furies’ gave exactly the experience I was expecting in a great new Dark Synthwave style. As the album suggests by not only its title, but the artwork attached, it follows more of a darker, lowkey musical vibe that’s become so ever-popular amongst the more mainstream of wave artists, especially those who feature their own vocals like Gunship does.

While the first song was a taste of the synth I’ve come to know and love, the majority of this is a new experience from the artist. Guest vocals galore, and a format that’s much more easily grasped by the general public. This is my downside. Similar in my eyes to when Saint Pepsi, one of the most essential artists in Vaporwave, rebranded to Skylar Spence to make more of a common appeal upbeat sound. Gunship has done the same, reverting from their OutRun roots and exploring new territory. They’ve stayed 80’s as always, especially considering they featured a cover of Time After Time, originally recorded by Cyndi Lauper in 1983.

One thing that was appealing was the brass usage in Dark All Day, as well as scattered throughout other songs on the album. The album-titled song was one of the only other tracks that actually seemed to stay faithful to the type of music I’ve come to expect from this artist.

My verdict? It’s nice to listen to, I don’t mind the new sound, but altogether I was caught a little bit off guard by Gunship’s new approach. If you’re into synthwave at its core, this is not the album for you. But for those who want a fusion of 80’s synth and downbeat anti-pop? Give it a try.