My Projects

The projects that I’ve worked on over the years.

1D Pong
Project Status: Completed

A game that just had to be made

My Website
Project Status: Ever Evolving

My personal website. You're on it right now!

Project Status: Abandonded

Unified dotfiles manager

Project Status: Constant Turmoil

The latest of my many discord bots

Project Status: Completed

Steve's simple image format

Project Status: abandoned, for now

Web-first torrent client

Project Status: Completed

Generate pretty looking cards for anime series

Knowhere Cafe
Project Status: Finally gave up

My (multiple) attempts at making my own forums

My Languages
Project Status: Ongoing

Various experiments in writing my own programming languages

My Games
Project Status: Ongoing

Game demos and experiments, mostly with Godot

Project Status: Superseeded by Telescope

Attempt at re-writing the RCOS website

Remembrance Cleaning
Project Status: Complete

Website I made for a friend's business