Redone Website

29-10-2018 - 1 min -
docker yunohost selfhost

Welcome to the new and hopefully improved! Instead of being a hodgepodge collection of Docker containers tied together by a reverse proxy, this site is now a single YunoHost deployment. This gives us lots of fun stuff like built in email and LDAP single-sign-on (something I have wanted for a while).

This change has been a long time coming, as my old setup was... questionable at best. Because of that setup I have come to love Docker and I learned a lot about it. But I made a lot of initial mistakes that were hard to undo.

So here we are! Lots of new features and more to come! For example this is now a nice WordPress site, something I was considering doing anyway for a while.

Anyway if you would like to join the ranks of our few members send me an email.

PS: All the posts from the old blog will be re-posted here at a later date since I think I need to manually copy and paste them.