Moving to Grav

14-03-2019 - 1 min -
yunohost grav selfhost

Up until now on my Yunohost server I have been running the officially provided Wordpress install.

Over time I have become progressively less satisified with it. Wordpress is big, clunky, and slow. And is far too much for me and my little blog. However I didn't want to go all the way down to a static site generator and abandon the nicities.

Then I discovered Grav. Plaintext, Markdown posts, no database, lightweight, a plethora of buzzword that all sounded very appealing to me. And wouldn't you know there is a well supported Yunohost package for it.

So after taking it for a spin I decided that Grav was for me and made the switch. The hardest part was still dealing with Wordpress, and figuring out how to export my posts and convert them to Markdown.

After getting though that and copy pasting everything in I think I am left with a far better blogging experience. Hopefully one that will actually get me to do it more.