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Twitter but without the Twitter or the Tweets. Basically just mini blog posts with temporal context. Not the same as the RSS blog feed.

Caddy is an amazing reverse proxy and I never get tired of recommending it.

I made an interesting clock based on the Chromachron watch that I saw in this article.

I’ve gotten this whole site, and a few other things hosted on the same server, into a nice CI/CD setup. Builds are done on Gitlab CI and then pushed to Gitlab’s container registry. Then the containers are updated by Ouroboros.

Though I do kinda wish Rancher was running Podman so that the runtime could update containers without Ouroboros.

I’ve been enamoured with the Forth programming language lately. Not really sure what it is about it, but I’ve come to really like the ideas it presents. I’ve even tried writing some of my own implementations.

I recently discovered the joy of the simplicity of old-school CGI scripting for websites. Sure they’re slow, but I have yet to find anything else as delightfully simple as it. I added it to this site at and I might do a full blog post on it.

In the pursuit of simplicity and doing things the way I want to, I’ve programmed this site in a way that’s not exactly high-performance.

But honestly, I’m happy about that. This site isn’t exactly high traffic. And if that’s the cost of doing things my way, it’s a small price in the end.

in case you were wondering, no I wasn’t a writing god from Sep 5th on. I was copying in my old blog posts and never bothered to backdate them.

The now defunct Australian National Space Program (which was replaced by A.S.A.) had a really cool logo Australian National Space Program logo

Lately I’ve been really coming around to the ideals of the GPL license and all that it and other copyleft licenses stand for. That said I do not think that they are perfect for every project, and that we as developers need to think about our licenses carefully.

This website is under the MIT license because, after thinking about it more than is probably healthy, I realized that it is highly unlikely that anyone is going to take this site and spin it out into something else. So by going MIT I leave it very permissive for anyone to take parts they like.

This site has gone through several incarnations over the years, with this version being the one where I decided that I didn’t want to compromise anymore and did everything from scratch the way i wanted it.

my new and improved website is live! lots of things to still work on, but now that things are up and running it should be much easier to update

that's all folks...