Hidden Gems of Anime

2018-06-02 | 5 min | 915 words
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With all the anime there is out there it can be hard to find new things to watch, and over time I have had to dig deeper and deeper to find things that I think I will like. And every now and again I stumble upon something that I think is really special, but that I have never heard anyone mention before and that when I bring it up no one had ever heard of it.

So today I am trying to remedy that in my small part, doing my part to give a bit more exposure to some series that I think have been over looked. As always these are all series that I have personally seen to completion and that I consider worth recommending. They are vaguely in order. Also I have tried to avoid as many spoilers as possible, no matter how minor which includes character names.

Also no Houseki no Kuni pun intended with the title, oddly that one is a little too popular for this list, even if it is fantastic.

R.O.D. the TV

While the OVA that comes before it is good, it is the TV season of Read or Die that I consider to be fantastic. The story follows three sisters, all of whom are Paper Masters(similar to Benders from ATLA) and have complete control over paper, as they work as bodyguards for a young author. The whole cast is supremely likable and each feels full realized and unique as a character. The story itself is really interesting and full of both action and intrigue in the faster moments, and can be really heartfelt in the slower moments. Add in a nice jazzy soundtrack and really nice animation overall I think you get something not only really well thought out, but with a polished execution too.


One day a shy middle school girl wakes up a Shinto god. With no fanfare and no explanation she is left to figure out what kind of god she is, and what it means to be divine, for herself. And she still has middle school to contend with too. Kamichu is actually the most recent thing I have watched overall as of the time of this article and I can thoroughly recommend it already. Full of quiet moments and little details and with animation that surprised me with it's fluidity I think this episodic little series is wonderful and think that many people would agree with me if they just knew the series existed.

Watch out for the watch order though, there are a set of Special episodes that are interspersed with the main ones.


This one I actually heard of due to a comment made by Glass Reflection's Arkada in one of his videos. So I guess someone talked about it at least. And I am glad for that because this show was a ride. It was constantly twisting and evolving but every time in a way that felt like it made sense and progressed the story. I really don't wanna say too much for fear of spoiling it but it is a mecha series unlike any other with some interesting characters and a wild story.

Also stick around after the last episode's credits there is a 3 second clip that massively changes the ending.

Michiko to Hatchin

A great and dramatic character piece set in a fictional South American country about a little girl who is suddenly visited by a beautiful prison-escapee in search of her father. From there starts a lengthy and oft-prolonged road trip in search of her father. Along the way the pair learn a great deal about each other and themselves and come to love each other.

A beautifully colorful and well written take on the age old roadtrip story, this show is one that really speaks to the heart about love and family.

Terra e...

A space opera of grand proportions somehow shrunk down into only two cours. I have never seen a series accomplish as much as this one did in the time. Telling the story of a new breed of telepathic humans trying to free themselves from an oppressive government this is a series full of drama and action alike. And with such a full plotline it keeps you on the edge of your seat without feeling rushed.

The only reference to this I have ever seen was actually a snide comment made in Joshiraku. So perhaps this series is more popular in Japan than I think.

Gatchaman Crowds

I like to describe this series as a semi-deconstruction of the shounen genre. The first big change of course is that the main character is a boisterous genki-girl with an fetish for office supplies. Continuing that on, instead of the usual trend of main characters being weak or confused/out-of-the-loop she immediately proves to not only be competent, but well connected and overall skillful. That mixed in with some other interesting twists makes the series and enjoyable watch, even just for the main character.

This series is an interesting rehash of the classic 80s series Gatchaman, and while far from perfect I thought was a bright and colorful take on the style.